Creator's Diary 02: Key words & Book List

Creator's Diary 02: Key words & Book List

My keywords are upcycling, handicrafts, DIY, practice-led research

By using these keywords, I searched the source online (Google scholar, Aalto- Finna, ProQuest: Design & Applied Arts Index and Amazon bookstore), then I built a list of my intended reading list:

  • Bärnthaler Thomas. 2015, Do it yourself: 50 Projects by Designers and Artists

  • Cooper Tim, 2005: Slower Consumption: Reflections on Product Life Span and the “Throwaway Society”, Journal of Industrial Ecology, Sheffield Hallam University

  • Deb Cumming, 2017: A Case Study Engaging Design for Textile Upcycling. Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice. 2017 vol 4 (2) pp. 1-15

  • Ebbert, C., Rexfelt, O., & Ordonez, I. 2017: Beyond Lampshades - Teaching Upcycling in a Meaningful Way. International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, 7&8 Sep 2017. Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway

  • Earley, R. 2010, Upcycling Textiles: Adding Value Through Design. Textiles Environment Design (TED),, University of the Arts London (UAL)

  • Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2016: The New Plastics Economy

  • Emgin, B. 2012, Trashion: The Return of the Disposed. Design Issues, 2012 vol. 28 (1) pp. 63-71

  • Fairs Marcus. 2009, Green Design: Creative Sustainable Design for the Twenty-First Century. North Atlantic Books

  • Foo Aiwei. 2013, (Master Thesis), The New Old: A Post Fashion Consumption Practice. Aalto University

  • Freinkel Susan. 2011, Plastic: A Toxic Love Story. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  • Fuad-Luke, A. 2002, Eco-Design Handbook. Thames & Hudson Ltd

  • Fuad-Luke, A. 2009, Design Activism: Beautiful Strangeness for a Sustainable World. London: Earthscan

  • Fuad-Luke, A. 2010, Eco-Design: The Sourcebook: Third Fully Revised Edition. Chronicle Books

  • Groth Camilla. 2017, Making sense through hands: Design and craft practice analysed as embodied cognition. Doctoral dissertation, Aalto ARTS Books, Helsinki

  • Hector Philip. 2016, (Master Thesis), Trojan Horse: Re-framing Sustainable Practices as “Design Support” to Attract New Practitioners, Creative Sustainability, Aalto University

  • Hopewell, J., Dvorak, R., & Kosior, E. (2009). Plastic Recycling: Challenges and Opportunities. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

  • Humes Edward. 2012, Garbology: Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash. Avery

  • Johnson Bea. 2013, Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste. Scribner

  • - Kukkapuro, I., Enbom, H., & Salonen, A. 2015, Trash design: Oppikirja optimisteille. Forssa: dodo books

  • - Leonard, Annie. 2010, The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession with Stuff is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-and a Vision for Change

  • Mäkelä, Maarit. 2007, Knowing through making: The role of the artefact in practice-led research. Knowledge, Technology & Policy

  • Mäkelä, Maarit & Nithikul Nimkulrat, 2011. Reflection and documentation in practice-led design research. Nordic Design Research Conference 2011, Helsinki

  • Mäkelä, Maarit & O'Riley (ed). 2012, The Art of Research II: Process, Results and Contribution. Aalto ARTS Books, Helsinki

  • Mäkelä, Maarit. 2016, Personal Exploration, Aalto University, Helsinki

  • McDonough, W., Braggart, M. 2002, Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things, Vintage, London [Kindle Edition]

  • McDonough, W., Braungart, M. 2013, The Epicycle: Beyond Sustainability-Designing for Abundance

  • Mills Molla. 2017, Virkkuri: Virkkuutöitä kotiin ja käyttöön, nemo kustannus

  • Moore, C., Phillips, C. 2012, Plastic Ocean: How a Sea Captain’s Chance Discovery Launched a Determined Quest to Save the Oceans. Avery

  • Na, Yuri. 2012, Craftology: Redefining Contemporary Craft in Culture, People and Sustainability, Aalto ARTS Books, Helsinki

  • Niinimäki, Kirsi. 2011, From Disposable to Sustainable: The Complex Interplay between Design and Consumption of Textiles and Clothing

  • Niinimäki, Kirsi. 2013, Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches. Department of Design, Aalto University

  • Nimkulrat, N. 2012, Hands-on intellect: integrating craft practice into design research. International Journal of Design, 6 (3), 14 pp

  • Nimkulrat, N., & O’Riley, T. 2009,  Reflections and Connections: On the relationship between creative production and academic research, Aalto ARTS Books, Helsinki

  • North, E. J., & Halden, R. U. 2013. Plastics and Environmental Health: The Road Ahead. Reviews on Environmental Health

  • Roth, M., & Uphaus, N. 2008, Ecological Design. Te Neues Publishing Company

  • Santulli, C., Langella, C. 2013, "+ Design - Waste": a Project for Upcycling Refuse Using Design Tools. International Journal of Sustainable Design 2.2 (2013) vol. 2 (2) pp. 105 -127

  • Seliger, M., Hahn, Y. & Lappalainen, P. 2015, Thesis design: research meets practice in art and design master’s theses, Aalto University, Helsinki

  • Smirnova, Eugenia. 2017, (Master thesis), Colors In a Circular Economy: Employing New Textile, Technologies in Concept, Development with Circular Approach, Aalto University

  • Sung, K., Cooper, T. 2015, Sarah Turner - Eco-artist and designer through craft-based upcycling.  Crafts Research, 2015 vol. 6 (1) pp. 113-122

  • Terry, Beth. 2015, Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too. Skyhorse Publishing

  • Thompson, R. 2013, The Manufacturing Guides: Sustainable Materials, Processes and Production, Thames & Hudson, London

  • Torretta Nicholas. 2014, (Master Thesis), A Journey through alternative ways of urban living, A design approach for scaling up grassroots initiatives towards sustainability, Aalto University

  • Tapper, J. and Zucker, G., 2011, Craft Activism: Ideas and Projects powered by the new community of handmade and how you can do it by yourself. New York: Potter Craft

  • Vale, R. and Vale, B., 2009. Time to Eat the Dog: the Real Guide to Sustainable Living. London: Thames & Hudson

  • Worldwatch Institute, 2010. State of the World 2010: Transforming Cultures: From Consumerism to Sustainability. London: Norton


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