Tutorial 05: white tulle socks with 3D flower embroidery

Here is the making processes of 3d embroidery flowers, inspired by a New York based fashion brand Irika Matoshi, I attached those flowers onto a pair of tulle socks I made from fabric scraps.


First I cut off a 15 * 15 cm piece of tulle fabric, mount it on a wooden embroidery frame. I started embroider the central veins towards the bottom of the petals.


I combined long and short stitches of three different purple colors to create a blended effect.


After embroidered three petals, take the tulle fabric piece out of the frame and cut out each individual petal pieces.


Each petal piece should have an additional 1 cm seam allowance left around the edge.


Once you have cut these our you will need to hem the edges. Starting from one of the bottom edges, fold back half of the 1 cm seam allowance, then fold it again. Take a small needle and a single thread, work around the petal, catch the back of the petal and sew them together.

Repeat above steps until you have enough petals you need, sew them together into a big flower and attached them onto the white tulle socks. You can also decorate them with pearls and beads.

Here are photos of the finished pieces:


Thank you for reading this tutorial, now you have a unique pair of handmade fairy flower tulle socks. You can wear it for party, anniversary, festival and all kinds of occasions, be creative and enjoy your colorful life.

Jing Wang