Tutorial 04: How to make an elegant bralette upcycled from old clothes

I created an elegant bralette from an old dress I bought from UFF shop (a second-hand store in Helsinki). I am very pleased to share the result with you:

Here are my step-by-step tutorial. The process is not difficult, just need your commitment of time and imagination.


  • An old lace dress

  • White soft laces

  • Bra strap elastics 1 cm wide

  • Bra bottom band elastic 4cm wide

  • Bra closures 4 cm wide

  • Bra findings

  • Pearls and feathers


  • Scissors

  • Sewing thread and machine

  • Metal pins

  • Embroidery needles


Here is the dress I got from the second-hand store. I was not interested in its design plus the size is too big for me, I cut it into pieces.


I got four pieces of nice white fabrics from this dress, they will be used for making this bralette plus some further projects.

According to Wendy's tutorial and patterns, I cut out the bralette shapes.


There are four pieces: 2 from the white plain fabric, and 2 from the lace fabric.


I sewed them with straight stitches using my favourite Janome 525S sewing machine, with around 1 cm seem allowance.


After those four pieces are attached, I combined them with right side touching and inserted bra strap elastics inside, then pinned them together.


I sewed them together and turned it over.


Then I attached the big elastic band with zig-zag stitches.


And I attached a soft lace on top of the bra.


Then I hand-sewed several pearls on the piece.

Almost done!


I attached some white feathers and it is ready!!!

download (2).jpeg

Thanks for reading this blog post, if you have any question, feel free to leave comments or send me messages on my instagram.