Tutorial 02: how to create a flower brooch from plastic bottles?

It is such a nice idea to turn our plastic water bottles into such elegant organic flower brooch. The whole process is very easy to follow, and you can add your own design on it. For the detailed process please check my previous blog post: Tutorial 01: how to upcycle plastic bottles into a earring.

To make such brooch, you need:

  • A plastic bottle

  • Scissors

  • A white pearl

  • A metal brooch

  • A candle


1. First cut out flower shapes you like, one big flower and one small flower, and one leaf shape. Punch a hole in the middle after cutting the shapes. Here is an illustration I made for inspiration:


2. Use candle light to curl up the flower and leaf into organic shapes, please do this step in a space with good ventilation. place it around 3-6 cm away from the light, please do not put it too close to the light to avoid overheat, this step needs some time to practice.


3. After Heating the flowers and leafs, time to assemble them together with metal accessories.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial video: 

Jing Wang