Tutorial 01: how to upcycle plastic bottles into a earring

I made both a video tutorial and image tutorial for this project. This candle heating technique requires lots of practices, you need to gain experience of how long time it takes for heating and what kind of angle is the best between plastic pieces and the candle light.

 And here is the step-by-step image guide of how to make a plastic flower earring:


Find a plastic bottle, clean it and let it dry. Cut it into several square pieces.


Choose a flower shape you like to draw on the plastic pieces. You can draw 2 same flower shapes with different sizes. (For this project I drew a 5*5 cm and a 3*3 cm piece)


Cut the flower shapes carefully, keep the edge smooth.


Punch a hole in the middle of the flower piece. For the leaf, punch a hole close to its edge.


Light up a candle, put the flowers closer to the candle light (3-5 cm) in order to make the petal edges smoother. Turn the flower back and make it curl. This step needs several times of practice until you familiar with this technique. I failed several times but it helps me to know how much distance between candle light and the flowers I should hold, and how long time I should keep the flowers on top of the fire.


Color the smaller flowers into white by using old nail polish, let them dry for a while.


Now you can assemble the small flowers with big flowers and other accessories to make them into a earring.


Seal it and the ear ring is ready !