A designer, a craftswoman and a yogini



Wang Jing

Upcycling designer, craftswoman


About Jing

Jing is a designer and craftswoman,  graduated from MA degree of Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She aims to creating different upcycling solutions to our single-use plastic materials, try to turn them into durable and beautiful products instead of going to our eco system.

Through giving craft-based upcycling workshops to people, Jing believes creating things together is a healing process, people will be amazed by their amazing results. At the same time, they will be aware of the harmful damages our disposable lifestyle caused to our environment.

At the same time Jing is also a Hatha Yoga practitioner, a volunteer of Isha foundation, Finland. 

Contact: wangjing0111@hotmail.com

phone: +358 (0)443883818