About Jing

Hi, my name is Jing. I am a maker & upcycling designer based in Helsinki, Finland. I handcraft unique, beautiful products from wasted materials. For example, I make beautiful jewelry out of PET soda bottles, bralette made from second-hand clothes…

I give DIY Trashion (trash + fashion) workshops in Helsinki and all around the world. During the workshop, I teach people many kinds of handicraft techniques and demonstrate how to apply them to wasted materials.

I believe creating things together is an inspiring and healing process, at the same time, we will realize how powerful we can influence others.

If you are interested in purchase my products, please let me know. I am now building my Etsy online shop, which will be ready soon.

Please follow my Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/upcyclewithjing/

Email: wangjing0111@hotmail.com


“A girl who turns trash into treasure”



Wang Jing

Upcycling designer