Upcycle with Jing


Upcycle with Jing is a project launched by Helsinki based designer Jing.

Through sharing the ideas of how to upcycle our single-use plastic trash, you will be surprised to see how beautiful and useful the results are. 

Jing believes everyone can make influence, do not underestimate individual power, every single step leads to great results.


“Every trash has the potential to become a treasure.”

My name is Jing. I am an upcycling designer, embroiderer based in Helsinki.

I handcraft unique products from wasted materials. For example, I create jewelry out of PET plastic bottles, brooches from secondhand beads and leftover leathers.

I also give DIY Trashion (trash + fashion) workshops all over the world. During the workshop, I teach people handicraft techniques of upcycling design.

The process of creation is an inspiring and healing process for me, it let me realize how powerful as an individual can influence each other.




See you at Finnish Craft & Design fair 2019!

On 15-17 November, Upcycle with Jing will join the Finnish Crafts & Design Fair 2019 in Tampere, Finland.


Order Upcycling workshops from me

Jing offers different kinds of DIY upcycling workshops for your group. See more details here:


Etsy shop update 2019 summer

Buy more handmade upcycled products from our Etsy online shop.


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